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sabato 18 febbraio 2006 ·

Bikini-Clad California Girls Valet California Girls ValetParking, a subsidiary of West Coast Valet Parking, LLC announced that ithas acquired Malibu, CA based Valet Girls, an all female parking companyfounded in 1983. The combined companies will employ over 200 valet girls. Financial terms of this transaction were not released.

Clients can request a variety of uniforms, such as: lingerie, bikinis, Capri pants, camisoles and mini skirts. Valet Girls parks cars at parties forthe rich and famous, including George Burns, Dennis Hopper, Frank Zappa and Senator Hillary Clinton; the company also provided parking services for Arnold Schwarzenegger's 40th birthday bash and Bob Hope's 90th birthday party.

President & COO of BeverlyHills based California Girls Valet Parking: Nancy Saltzman
Most valet girls are models, actresses and dancers, and on a recent casting call, the company reportedscreening 260 applicants but only 6 girls were hired. Valet Girls will begin an aggressive expansion with the opening of 5offices in 2006 in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, Phoenix and SanDiego.

For the biggest day in a bride and grooms life, the wedding day requires a valet service that respects the importance of the proper etiquette, the attendee, and the participants; Valet Girls Parking provides you with valets that are highly trained and responsive to the high standards that every wedding requires. As part of the wedding planning process, your valet service must offer the absolute best in service.

Special Events: throwing a party of 300? A business function that requires specialized parking needs? How about a charity ball at an exclusive mansion? For all of these special events and more, Valet Girls Parking can provide the exact services you need. From permits to performance, these girls will make sure you have the capable and professional staff your event requires. No event is too big or small - just call and will plan your valet parking to make every guests' parking experience effortless, efficient, and respectful.

California Girls ValetParkingRestaurant valets from Valet Girls Valet Parking make every guests' visit a good one, from the moment they drive up to their drive home. They make sure to plan each restaurant with a staff that minimizes any wait time, yet provides first-class greeting salutations and good-byes with a smile and "Thank You". If you are operating a restaurant, it understand the many decisions and considerations you make on a hourly basis. These girls make sure the Valet Service isn't one of them. Call us for an analysis of your valet requirements and they'll provide the best solution.

Valet Girls parent company West Coast Valet Parking owners grew up in the hotel industry, and they know what it means to provide excellent, reliable and consistent service. As the first and last impression of a customer's hotel visit, the valet must represent efficiency, respect, and be "on" for every customer. They train every staff valet for precisely this service.

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